So you don’t exercise.

Or you get so little exercise in over the course of a week that you might as well be doing none at all…

Big deal, right?

What’s the worse that can happen?

No, seriously.

What ARE the literal consequences of assuming the position of couch potato for the rest of your days when you could be actively taking measures to incorporate some type of fitness program into your schedule?

Could the decision to take it easy on yourself actually kill you one day?

Recently I decided to answer that question once and for all.

By the time I’d finished satisfying my curiosity I realized I’d gathered enough information to write a small book on the subject.

So I did.

I’ve called it:

“So What Does Happen To Your Body When You Decide Not To Exercise?”

If you’d like to read it you can download it here for free:

Project Me Finally Fit

Obviously you’ll get the most out of the book by actually reading it.

But allow me to give you a HINT as to the answer posed in the title of the book.

For the 400 million people who will die prematurely over the next 10 years… that answer is…


The worse thing that can happen to you is you kick the proverbial bucket long before your expected departure date (like 15-30 years before that time!)

Brutal, right?

And so unfair.

Luckily you can find out quite easily whether or not you might be one of these people.

Take the test…

It only takes 10 seconds to perform and you can use the results of it to get a much clearer picture of just how close you might be standing to the Pearly Gates without ever knowing it!

This is one of the surprising tidbits of information covered in my book

Project Me Finally Fit

So What Does Happen To Your Body When You Decide Not To Exercise?

If you’d like the full details use the link above to go grab my Grim Reaper-repelling special expose now.

You’ll also discover how to:

* Embrace exercise, rather than kiss your SEX LIFE goodbye (the unfortunate alternative).

* Use exercise to stall “shutdown mode” – your body’s TRIGGER for rapid aging!

* Perform the only exercise that PREVENTS THE RAPID DECLINE of your disease-fighting immune system.

Really, this is ESSENTIAL knowledge for anyone looking to live for as long as is humanly possible – and avoid all the miseries all too common to old age.

PLUS I’ll describe for you that simple movement you can perform in the next 10 seconds to see if you’ll DIE PREMATURELY…

Now, if you think you have something more valuable you could be doing with the next 10 seconds of your time, sure, give this a miss and go on with your day.

Simply don’t bother to discover what fate has in store for you…OR, if the idea of leaving fate to chance sounds like it might not be the smartest move you could make (it’s not) get yourself to the download page for my FREE book and learn what you can do next if the news isn’t so hot!

– Carolyn “The Crystal Ball Gazer” Hansen

Project Me Finally Fit