Exercise for Energy: Workouts That Work

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A Harvard Medical School report on how exercise boosts energy confirms why many of us find it difficult to get going: it's easy to lose fitness and much harder to rebuild it. The less fit you are, the more you feel the effort. The reality is, a sedentary person, when compared to an active one, [...]

Children are Copy-Cats…

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Without a doubt, our children are directly affected by the choices we make as adults. In fact, children are simply copy-cats, copying everything they observe, taste, touch and hear. Therefore, as adults, it is imperative that we lead by example, through active, healthy lifestyle habits if want our children to adopt the same, and prevent [...]

Your Immunity and Strength Training

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Before we reach the age of 25, our bodies are continually growing and developing. During this phase, the muscles and entire body stay strong even without specific exercise. However, once we reach our thirties, we have two options available: We can begin the long process of becoming weaker or we can work to maintain our [...]

Exercise Protects Your Mental and Emotional Health

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Most people are well aware of the benefits gained to the body when performing proper exercise.  We're aware that it tones our muscles, helps circulation, burns fat and reduces disease risks. However, many are not aware that it is the same type of vigorous movement that benefits our mental health as well. It is up [...]

Heart Health and Strength Training

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Our muscles are mandatory because more than any other attribute we possess, they determine the quality and quantity of our life. That's no surprise since nearly every activity we perform requires the use of one or more working together to complete a task. With that in mind, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell [...]

Build a Self-Perpetuating Health and Exercise Loop

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It's sad but true. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly half of America suffers from at least one chronic illness. In fact, chronic illness causes 70% of deaths yearly in the US alone and the percentage of children and adolescents with chronic illness has quadrupled since the 1960's. But, the truth is, [...]

Number 1 Anti-Aging Strategy – Challenging Exercise

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Among the causes of aging, high insulin levels are the biggest threat to the length and quality of your life and maintaining control of your blood sugar levels in the normal range is key to slowing the aging process. Maintaining muscle tissue through the years and decades is vital for healthy aging, because muscles hold [...]

Exercise is the One Investment That Pays Off in Multiple Ways

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  The busy days that our modern lives demand of us, affects people in many different ways and one of those ways is that they become plagued by negative thoughts and emotions. These destructive thoughts and emotions eventually limit them and hold them back from reaching their full potential in life. If you find yourself [...]

What Your Legs Muscles Reveal About Your Brain

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Looking to boost your brain power? There is an intriguing link between leg power and brain function. It seems that leg power is an accurate and useful marker that reveals whether someone is getting enough exercise to keep their minds in healthy shape. In other words, exercise releases chemicals in our bodies capable of boosting [...]

Full-Body Work-Outs are Key to Stellar Health and Longevity…

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How you appear and act in life is a direct reflection of the health of your body and your mind.  Those who attend to the needs of their bodies in regards to proper nutrition and challenging exercise (resistance training or high intensity training of some sort) appear much younger. They have stronger bones, better posture, [...]

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