Most people are well aware of the benefits gained to the body when performing proper exercise.  We’re aware that it tones our muscles, helps circulation, burns fat and reduces disease risks. However, many are not aware that it is the same type of vigorous movement that benefits our mental health as well.

It is up to each one of us individually to do whatever it takes to be happy, calm, and fulfilled as a person.

This means we must protect both our body and our brain. When we have physical ill-health, we can have mental ill-health as well. They are closely linked.

It’s time to stop thinking fitness stops at the neck. Our brain is the central processing unit for all of the body’s systems and needs attention the same way our body does. Our mental health is that important.

Sadly, pills have been used to deal with stress, depression and all manner of mental issues. In fact, prescriptions for antidepressants have increased 400 percent in the last decade with a third of the adult population now taking some sort of mood altering drug. Rather than making the situation better…it is contributing to it’s demise.

The answer will never be found in any pill and any sort of reprieve you get using them is temporary at best. It’s a band-aide, possibly offering a bit of temporary relief but not the solution. Since our knowledge of how drugs affect the brain is yet in its infancy, it’s best to avoid using any type of drug as they can interfere with biochemistry. Sadder even is the fact that children as young as two years old are prescribed these drugs.

Healthier Options:

There are much healthier options available that address any mental or emotional problem…not just mask it.

Physical movement is the answer. Research has proven that physical activity offers the same effect as chemically addictive antidepressants and unlike these dangerous drugs, it has no negative side effects!

Vigorous physical movement makes us feel good about ourselves and helps us to get in touch with and calm our inner self.

Physical movement is magic in action as natural chemicals are released that are empowered to regulate our thoughts and emotions and dissipate stress. It is the key to chasing away negative thoughts and putting stress to rest.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of industrial and technological revolutions, human movement came to a crawl as humans no longer depended on movement (as we did when we were out chasing our dinner) and it’s growth stimulating and healing effects. Our modern, digitized world (that has us sitting more than we should) requires us to create our own physical activity.

It’s proper exercise that stimulates “inner housecleaning.” As negative mind trash is stirred and removed, your mind thinks and concentrates better, stress is relieved and your memory is sharper.

It does not take hours at the gym to gain these benefits. All that’s needed is a couple of sessions of strength training weekly to feel fantastic both mentally and physically.

Proper exercise should never be perceived as a task or punishment. Vigorous movement (as strength training offers) is something the body needs and thrives on. It’s how the body maintains wellness. It is the best self-care you can give yourself to prevent physical, mental and emotional conditions.

What are you waiting for? Why wouldn’t you want to give yourself this gift? Take time to perform a proper structured exercise program so you can discover for yourself the joy and pleasure of just being in your own body.

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– Carolyn “The 10-Minute Sandbag Workout” Hansen

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