Does one hour spent working out every other day seem like too much of a time investment?

Thirty minutes?

What about… just 10 MINUTES?

I know what you’re probably thinking right now:

“How is that possible? I can barely get myself dressed in 10 minutes… Get in a workout? No way!”

Actually it’s very possible, and here’s how you can pull it off …

Project Me Finally Fit 

There’s a trick to it, of course.

One that guarantees you won’t be wasting your time even if you commit to just 10 minutes every other day…

And the name of that trick is the full-body workout.

It’s something you can do in the privacy of your own home if you like.

That way you get to skip the time-consuming drive to your local gym.

With the full-body workout you AVOID exercising one or two body parts during your session and instead perform an exercise that simulates almost ALL the muscles of your body.

The result of doing this?

I like to think of it as a little bit of fitness magic…

Your heart gets pumping and acts as a signal to your body to steadily raise your level of fitness over time (and quite rapidly).

Hormones that might otherwise see very MODEST increases in circulating levels are suddenly flooding your bloodstream.

Almost overnight you find them stimulating:

* Muscle growth (so you get stronger)

* Fat loss (so you get leaner)

* Degree of stamina (so you tire less)

* The drive to keep pushing yourself (so you keep showing up to work out!)

PLUS you’ll enjoy a number of other equally beneficial qualities – all the result of simply doing MORE with your body in LESS time.

Very much less time.

Just 10 minutes is all it takes when you adopt the full-body approach to fitness.


One of the simplest full-body workout makes use a “sandbag”.

Like the name suggests, this is an adjustable weight bag made from heavy-duty canvas that can be filled to the desired weight with sand.

Or rice.

Or in some cases, water.

An example of a sandbag that offers this kind of filling flexibility is the…

Project Me Finally Fit sandbag

With a bag like this you can literally fill it directly from your faucet.

But whether you make use of a sandbag, a medicine ball, a metallic kettlebell, or any other small piece of workout equipment that can be conveniently used in the home – the key is to put in the time with it.

Even if it is just 10 MINUTES every other day.

If you’d like to know how to get started with this no-muss, no-fuss approach to home-based exercising for solid fitness gains go…

Check out my quick and easy

Project Me Finally Fit program

At just 10 minutes in length, if you cannot find a way to squeeze this kind of effective workout into your schedule every other day, it’s likely there’s not another one in all existence that could take it’s place.

After all, most things can only be made so simple before they just cannot be made to work at all!

– Carolyn “The 10-Minute Sandbag Workout” Hansen

P.S. I even created a FREE mobile app for you to keep track of your sandbag workouts. With 4 built-in workouts of 7 distinct sandbag movements, you have 28 different exercises to choose from should you decide to create your own custom sandbag works.