What’s behind the health epidemic that is destroying our children’s health and putting them in jeopardy?

The sad truth is, the destructive habits that we as a modern society have adopted for ourselves is now infiltrating and infecting our children at alarming rates and negatively affecting their health.

We now know, without doubt, that the human body cannot stay healthy without vigorous activity. Unfortunately, for the most part, we’ve eliminated the very thing in our lives that keeps us healthy – our activity! Our “normal” modern lifestyles, that include science and technology, (gadgets and ease) has stripped us of the opportunity to gain muscle strength naturally/through trying to survive. To compound the issue, we are passing these unhealthy habits onto our children and inactive children become overweight as children and inactive and overweight as adults.

Overweight children used to be a rarity and not often seen. Now they are everywhere. In fact, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past three decades, because of these modern sedentary lifestyles of “ease” we lead and show by example to our youth. There is a much-recognized link between becoming overweight and/or obese, a no exercise lifestyle and diabetes.


Diabetes was a disease that was previously thought to be (for the most part) an “old person’s disease.” However, it is now being diagnosed in alarming numbers in our youth, many times before they’ve even reached their teen years!

The situation is so serious, that one in three children are predicted to develop diabetes before they turn 18 years of age! And, those born after 2000 are likely to experience a shortened lifespan of 20-30 years, being the first generation that will likely not outlive their parents!

Will your child be one of them? Are you encouraging your children to be more active or do you reach for another video game or electronic gadget to mesmerize their minds while destroying their bodies?

What are you feeding them? Do they reach for processed, fancy boxed foods when hungry or are they reaching for label free foods – those that nourish the body?

Since our modern lives have stripped our physical activity to a minimum, we must proactively and consciously add activity to our daily calendars. With fast foods dominating the scenery, we must consciously choose the right foods, the ones that provide the necessary nutrients – minerals and vitamins that our bodies require to repair, grow and thrive. That our bodies require for life!

As adults, we are the ones that are supposed to lead the way. We are supposed to be teaching through example how to be healthy; how to enjoy a long active life, one that includes a healthy diet and challenging physical activity.

Real foods do not need labels, and it is up to us to educate our children to this fact. It is up to us to show them how to cook foods from scratch. It is up to us to make them aware of the harmful fats, excessive sugar and chemicals that processed food contain. Eventually, we can smile as they turn into responsible healthy adults and watch as they pass these same good nutrition habits onto their own children.

“In our modern world rife with inactivity and low quality processed foods that foster sickness and poor health there has never been so much indisputable scientific proof to support and back what we humans has always known to be true. That proper exercise and good nutrition are vital components of a well, active, strong, vibrant healthy life.”

We need to reclaim and practice a level of self-responsibility toward our own health, wellness and longevity and chart our own course to good health and pass these values onto our own children. Don’t we owe them this much?

Be an active adult and watch your children follow suit. Eat healthy foods and watch your children follow suit. They are paying attention. They are copying you.

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– Carolyn “The 10-Minute Sandbag Workout” Hansen

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